Rim Insulation (RI)


A non-structural prefabricated and laminated 7/16” OSB panel and foam component shaped to fit between the side profiles of adjacent I-joists to insulate the perimeter floor assembly inside the Rim Board. 









  • Superior fit, installation and performance compared to conventional blanket-type insulation.
  • Foam insulation resists condensation and moisture absorption thereby reducing potential for mildew, mold and rot.
  • Simultaneous installation with I-joists on new construction minimizes complications and errors.
  • Builder friendly “quick and easy” installation promotes faster project completion times.
  • Can significantly lower total cost of insulation options, particularly when comparing insulating the floor vs. perimeter installations. 
  • Available in a full range of specifications for all sizes of I-joists.
  • Available in 12’ lengths to CTS on site for installation between end-blocking (inside Rim parallel to joists)... and for customized special needs relating to retrofitting existing structures.
  • And much more... (see Product Bulletin under LITERATURE section for installation details)