Insulated Blocking (IB)


A structural-rated prefabricated laminated 1-1/8” (min. thickness) engineered wood and foam component with the same insulating attributes as standard Rim Insulation... plus providing a “double rim” for additional vertical load rating.









  • Superior fit, installation and performance compared to conventional blanket-type insulation.
  • Panel is positioned simultaneously with wood I-joists during initial stages of construction.
  • Simultaneous installation with wood I-joist minimizes the need for difficult crawl space entry to insulate later.
  • Simple placement saves installation time.
  • High R-values... energy efficiency
  • The “Double Rim” (DR) concept provides additional vertical load capacity for low-rise and snow-load construction.
  • The DR “continuous bearing” concept allows for quick, easy utilization of 19.2” OC I-joist spacing without the necessity for joist-to-stud vertical alignment. This can result in saving time and materials.
  • In colder climates, the DR concept represents a quick solution for cantilevering the floor assembly beyond the foundation. The Rim Board in the primary floor assembly can overhang flush with rigid insulation installed to the exterior of the foundation, with the vertical loading transferred directly to the structural member of the Insulated Blocking.
  • Available in 12’ lengths to CTS on site for installation between end-blocking (inside Rim parallel to joists)... and for customized special needs relating to retrofitting existing structures.
  • And much more... (see Poduct Bulletin under LITERATURE section for installation details)